We, as a family and a small creative team have enjoyed years of creative exploration and the freedom and self expression it enables. From Art College, card making, tutoring, workshops and craft fairs, doodling to painting, it's an escapism from every day pressures, and it is our sanctuary.  Because we know how this makes us feel, we want to share this with you.

This brings us firmly to the NOW and to this, our new venture starting in 2018.  It seemed that it was now or never,  bringing you products we know are useful and more importantly for you to know that we use ourselves.

The world of mixed media and arts and crafts is filled with many enthusiastic people; the versatility and styles are boundless and it's this that continues to inspire us.  We love being apart of this community where some may be lucky enough to have made it a career, but for most of us it is a calling and not just a simple hobby... for us personally, its Hobbilicious!

As we develop and understand more of what you want, we will be able to add new products on similar lines.  We want to keep certain product stock items limited in order for us to continue to evolve, find, produce and share new things.  

Over the coming months we hope to show you cost effective alternatives and inspire you to recycle and reuse creatively, saving the planet where possible and so these will be posted either on our website or our instagram account. 

As we personally love projects, we also want to provide you with exciting new kits that will help you to explore your creativity further.  So go on, join us and unleash your imagination...


Who are we?

We bring our beloved pets to work sometimes & thought you should know!

Whats next?

Our products and kits are taking a huge leap forward and on to the screens on 24th August 2019 @ 3pm on Hochanda.  We are incredibly excited to take this next step in our creative journey.  As our family are camera shy, our fabulous DT member Joanne Roe will be showcasing all our designs during the hour and bringing ideas to life.  We hope you will love our creations, we can help to inspire you and all the varied possibilities to unleash your imagination...   

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