Craft Kits & Gift Sets

Whether you organise craft events and workshops, have creative challenges with friends, or just love to work alone, these craft kits are perfect.  They are also perfect for that crafty friend you may have but never know what to do for a gift, and if you are still struggling... How about trying a gift set? 

DID YOU KNOW... We have the ability to personalise ANY wording you need so if there is an occasion, a venue, a date, a name (or all of these) that you would like cut or engraved from MDF or Birchwood, WE CAN DO THIS FOR YOU.

DID YOU KNOW... If you have a design or drawing you would like realised and cut/engraved but don't know where to start, LOOK NO FURTHER! 

AND guess what, you don't need expert computer knowledge or experience as we can take your (pen) drawing and go from there.


Prices for personalised items are upon request as there are so many variables on size, thickness, product type, and amount of set up needed.  Please email us for a quote on

Personalised cutting and engraving service

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