• Remy & Prue

From Pencil to Plaything

One of the most exciting things is to create something in your head, sketch it out and then have it made into a 3D object. We are sure you will agree how satisfying it is to create something from nothing. It's therapeutic and fun to see your final piece, whatever that might be, a scrapbook, a mixed media piece or even a well cooked meal.

So, Remy and Prue have been busy in the design room, drawing and sketching for over a week and created some new MDF embellishments for the site. Today the designs left the cutting table and arrived on their desks.

This is exciting, it has layers to add depth said Prue

Let me show you said Remy, just give me the glue

I painted them first to make it easy for me

if you leave it till the end it can get quite messy

The skull is so mecarbe and just a little bit dark

I would like to bump into that, at night, in the park

Prue agreed it was definitely scary, so added some gold

a highlight or two, could make it more bold

Remy wanted black, perhaps for Halloween

But Prue said it would be too dark, for it to be seen

They dibbled and dabbled with all sorts of things

a little bit of arguing... but then they were siblings

The final result was put on display

Remy and Prue just shouted Hooray.

Till next time when we do the reveal, so you can see what Remy and Prue created.

Mmmm what shall we do with this?


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