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In the depths

Updated: Mar 10, 2018

Welcome to our #firstcraftblog. Hopefully we will have some interesting hints and tips, some tales and possibly some random stuff too! As we are starting a new business venture as well as continuing to explore creatively, we'd love to have you along for the ride #2018herewecome , so we are quite literally #inthedepths which is apt for our first blog post.

We were recently invited to demonstrate some products at a local craft shop. After much hilarity and messy aprons, we left there not only in a good mood but with an array of exciting MDF shapes.

Adding to our craft stash, these little puppies will be loved...

So, what can be done with a bit of MDF and imagination...

We recycled an old canvas and as you can see we turned it around to use the back (tip: great for that extra depth). It was lined with tissue and painted but looking at it now, a few more layers would have been better to hide the staples we guess, but can't deny it does have more of a rustic feel this way!!

When creating a project with lots of depth, another tip would be to take a photo with it all in place when you are happy with the composition, before taking it off to glue the pieces back on. This is something we forgot to do on this one -brain mishap; it happens from time to time!- so the arrangement isn't quite what we started off with.

You'll be hearing from Remy and Prue now and again, and in case the connection isn't clear, these are our alter egos.

We thought it would be interesting to do little ditties at the end of some of our blogs, just for a bit of fun obviously (well for us anyway) and as life can be a little blah, we hope you can endure our flights of fancy and perhaps it will create a smile, which of course is almost as pleasing as arts and crafts!

Hey Remy, what do you think we should do?

Ummm, let's get the paperclay and paint out said Prue

Find some card, stencils and moulds

Let's see how much texture this piece can hold

We found an old canvas so let's use the back

And what else can be found in our craft hoarding stash

We'll use the anchor, the fish and the crab

The mdf shapes given to us, how kind was that

We painted this piece in many shades of blue

Our creativity went berserk and it covered everything else

including Remy and Prue

Lots of sea shells were made, an old scarf became a net

Recycling where possible and using whatever we can get

The three dimensional scene and texture all set

An underwater bonanza, entitled "In the depths"

So our composition now complete,

it sits perfectly on our wall

It kinda looks big here, but it's actually quite small

And you'd think it took us an age but you'd all be quite wrong

An afternoon of frivolity, so it was no time at all!

And for anyone wanting to maybe recreate something similar, or is just interested in the products used, here's the list:

  • Canvas

  • MDF Shapes #craftmagic

  • Tissue (Napkin) Paper

  • Black Acrylic Paint

  • Pebeo High Viscosity Acrylics #pebeo

  • Paperclay

  • KatySue Shell Moulds #katysuedesigns

  • Cut up old Scarf

  • Word Stencils

  • Texture Paste

  • Decoart Liquid Glass #decoart

  • Crushed Glass

Some additional little hashtags for further inspiration;

#underthesea #mixedmediaart #tigerarts #elflandtowitchwood

Go on, unleash your imagination

Why not visit the homepage on our website and enter our 'monthly challenge'. Check out the monthly theme, create a piece and send it in, go on, we'd love to see what you've done. If your piece is chosen, as a winner it will be posted on our website -for the whole darn month!- you will also receive a 10% discount on any products listed (T&C's apply)

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