• Remy & Prue

How to make a rusty pipe

Today we thought you might like to see how we made the rusty pipe on our journal "Back in Time". This is our first attempt at making a short tutorial so hope you find in useful.

This is Journal cover that the rusty pipe was for.

Remy and Prue decided to make a video called "back in time"

although Prue wasn't so keen to be see on line

Lucky that Remy was not as shy

as her new nails had just been applied

The camera was ready, the set in place

just keep it on my hands and not on my face

The giggling started, so what can I say

It took many hours, nearly all day

A five minute video of an old rusty pipe

If its at all helpful please give it a like.

Till next week people. have a fab week as we will be announcing the

winner of our last little freebie to have something made of your own design, so its not too late if you want to have a go, please read our last blog post.


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