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A Kind Word

So, how many times when you are crafting do you find you get half way through something and then decide, the colours aren't right, the embellishments don't fit your theme, or you just can't find what you are looking for. Well, it happens to all of us and sometimes you just need to keep going. With the above journal the picture in my head was completely different to what was appearing in front of me. However, I just continued changing the colours and adding whatever I could find to add a bit of interest. Many might say that this is eclectic or even a mess, but what is art? for us it is something that makes you giggle or at least smile.

We would love to see any of your positive mistakes and don't forget we have a challenge on the main page that you might like to enter.

Remy had found a long length of string

she also wanted a bird that could sing

and a decorative frame with a butterfly

as well as a very small dragonfly

Orange and lemon and a little bit of green

these were the colours to have on this scene

She worked all day or was it two

It had to be perfect, it was a gift for Prue

When things went wrong she just kept on going

singing and dancing, her project was growing

It needs to be finished by Sunday night

As Prue would be home before it was light

Prue was amazed and beamed with delight

Remy had captured the colours of Spring just right.

Today's Hint: If you want to use string in your art work soak it in any white glue (PVA) first and whilst it is still wet add it to your work. It is so much easier to work with like this, rather than trying to stick dry string down.


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