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Protector of the Fae

A small project that just expanded by the minute, I am sure you all know what I mean when I say that you start with one idea in your head, then as time passes it just keeps evolving. Well that is exactly what happened here.

Below are some pictures of the process and lastly a short video of the final creation. Any question please ask and I will do my best to answer.

I know many people think that these types of projects are difficult but they are not, it is all about having the right products and knowing the techniques to make things easier for yourself.

Everything in this project was made by using Powertex, Stoneart and paperclay apart from the dragons head, I made that using Fimo clay. Other things I added were MDF windows and door, tin foil, masking tape (lots of it), wire, string and fabric

I started with a broken bottle (the top was all chipped) so I masked it to ensure it was safe to use.

I first decided where my windows and doors should be and made curved bits of roofing using tinfoil scrunched up and shaped to form a structure and then covered it in masking tape and stuck it to the bottle, again using masking tape.

For the doorway I used a plastic bottle and cut off the end bits and shaped it to fit the curve of the main bottle, I added an MDF window and cardboard for the door and masked it all together and added it to my bottle.

I masked the whole bottle leaving spaces for the windows. I then added fabric pieces and covered the whole bottle painting it with Powertex (you can dip the fabric in Powertex and then add if you wish).

I added the windows and also made little windowsills out of paperclay (allow time to dry, before coating in Powertex. I added string and paper decoration, flowers and other bits that I had lying around (flowers made out of paperclay).

When it was dry, I dry brushed it with metallic powders. At this point I decided to add the dragon, as I had made a dragons head some time previously and had been looking for something to use it on.

I stuck the head on using powertex. For the body I used wire to get a rough shape and used tinfoil to bulk it out which was then covered in masking tape.

Below is a picture of one of the feet (wire, tinfoil and masking tape). I connected all the bits in stages using bits of fabric and powertex to stick them together. I then used Stoneart to make the neck a bit more bulky and to replicate some of the texture I had on the face. I also added it to the feet and made a few more spines for the back.

The wings were made of wire to form the structure and them just covered with cotton fabric dipped in Powertex. Hope this helps.

"That dragons head has been around for ages" moaned Prue

"Come and create something where he can be used"

Remy thought and thought, and then peered outside

A large broken vase looked back wanting new life

"I feel inspired" burst out Remy "...I've seen my new project.

A fairy house for my dragon to rest on and protect"

So along came the mess, the powertex and mdf

Remy's imagination unleashed - Prue thought her possessed

And when it was complete Prue heard a big sigh

Remy's 'Protector of the Fae' was ready

"Just one last thing" said Prue, who added some lights!

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