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Something New on the Horizon

Well, this week summer arrived and what seemed like the most amazing thing, it stayed during the bank holiday weekend, yipee, although no doubt next week it will be winter again, but for those of us that like to create, whether that's painting, doodling, knitting, playing something musical or just letting our imagination run wild, the weather is no hindrance ... well, not really.

For those of you that actually read my blog, I have a surprise for you. This week we took possession of a brand new piece of equipment that will enable us to cut our own designs in MDF, ply, acrylic and various other materials, so in a few weeks we will be offering a cutting and personalized product service. Very exciting. For one of you, I will cut for free a design of yours or your choice, it needs to be something that you can use for your mixed media projects, scrapbooking or it could be a child's name to put on their bedroom door. All you need to do is leave me a comment and I will choose a name at random on the 20th May. You will need to draw your design and I will then convert it into a file compatible with our program. Nothing too big preferable something under 300 mm x 300 mm.

Our own designs. Layered MDF and more to come

I'm so excited said Remy to Prue

I have just heard the news, have you?

No, said Prue tell me why your dancing around.

It's a secret whispered Remy, so you mustn't breath a sound.

Come on tell me what's getting you in this state

stop all the teasing and making me wait.

I hear said Remy, we're getting a brand new machine

it's big and red and better than anything you've ever seen.

So, what does it do that makes it so good?

It cuts things said Remy like acrylic and wood.

Wow, said Prue tell me more of what you know.

I don't know much more, but it will help our workflow,

we can cut our own designs and make a stencil or two

I can see why your excited, I feel just like you.

Lets go an investigate and see what we can find

lets check all the paperwork to see if its been signed.

Until next time. I hope you all have a lovely week and that the warm weather continues.

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