• Remy & Prue

Where have we been?

Remy and Prue have been away for the weekend can you guess where they have been?

Pack your pack said Remy, we are off for some fun

that's just what I need said Prue some time in the sun

where are we going? and what will we do?

It's a secret said Remy but I will give you a clue

there's plenty of water and history galore

but we are staying in a hotel just on the lake shore

wow that sounds interesting where can it be?

with all of that water I thought it might be the sea

No, said Remy, but there are islands to explore

and if you listen carefully I will tell you some more

we're going on a train that's just for you and me

and when we get there, there's a special balcony.

So can you guess where they were? There's a small prize for the first correct answer.


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