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Woodland Cottage Assembly Guide & the Trials Therein!

We never thought we'd get this done, in all honesty. Our finished sample has been sitting around for a few months but the business of each day and our ever creative minds keeps spurring us onto the next new thing. This has meant our lovely Woodland Cottage got sidelined in our studio - which is wrong, don't you think?

So, this week we decided to stop and finally get it on the site. We cut another one so that for those that prefer to watch instead of read we could create a video guide... Why is it that as soon as a camera is on, fingers don't work properly? It's not like we are in front of millions doing it! but to say it took a while longer than it should due to our laughter and retakes is possibly an understatement... And then to voice-over where you suddenly can't string a sentence together??? (arghhhhhhhh) What is that all about!

Anyway, long story short, here it finally is. It's really simple and fun, and best of all, after creating the cottage itself, the decorating is still to be done! Happy creating, whatever it is on your table today, and remember to laugh often x

Completed and decorated Woodland Cottage

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