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Treasure Box

Today we went live on our website. Yipee. We have also just received more of our products, so we thought we would decorate a few treasure boxes which was our moment of creative pleasure after spending so much time in front of the computer. As you can see we have used a variety of embellishments and colours to enhance these MDF boxes which open up like a book and hold 6 ATC cards which can all be decorated and embellished. We have also used a lot of paperclay, which, if you haven't used before is brilliant for making your own embellishments, you can press it into moulds or make your own designs and it is light enough to put on cards or scrapbook layouts and allows you to make things that are very individual. Everything we have used is available on the website apart from the white flowers which we found lying around...

Our alter egos Remy and Prue were itching to get out and have a play

What colours said Remy should we use on this treasure box thing

I dont know said Prue, let your imagination take wing

I was thinking said Remy, how much I like Blue

Thats not fair, those are my colours said Prue

ha ha laughed Remy, thats no problem at all

I will go bronze and have a papeclay wall

OK I will have flowers and window shutters on mine

And I will look for some inspiration online

That's no good said Remy, just choose a theme

make a few notes before you run out of steam

Prue decided to think, over a hot cup of tea

Remy had the biscuits and pointed to a tree

there's an idea for you Prue, look at that vine

its got flowers and butterflies and looks just devine

So Remy and Prue had hours of fun

glueing and cutting and now its all done

Back to reality, the day job I suppose

but for you my friends

get out your crafts and dip in your toes.


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