We love craft kits, don't you?!...


Here's our Ariel angel Craft Kit which can be decorated and hung as a simple decor piece, or added to a larger project...


Included in our kit is:


1x Hobbilicious designed resin Torse 'Ariel' - 115mm x 60mm

1x Set of Resin Wings - 135mm x 85mm

2x MDF Rings - Outter Ring (excluing hanging loops) 140mm diameter.  Inner Ring 120mm diameter.


Plus... A choice of wording:

Angel - 74mm x 35mm.  Wings - 93mm x 45mm

Lets wing it Angels do - 90mm x 60mm 

Travel on the wings of an Angel - 100mm x 70mm

With brave wings she flies - 150mm x 85mm


Please note: These resins are for mixed media purposes only and may have minor imperfections.

Ariel Angel Craft Kit


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