If you love Autumn, as we do, how about some of these!...


1x Pine Set, consisting of:

2 combined Pine Needles 140mm x 90mm 

1 single Pine Needle 125mm x 50mm

1 large Pine Cone 63mm x 52mm

2 small Pine Cones 42mm x 34mm


1x Detailed Leaf Set, consisting of:

2 branches 156mm x 70mm


1x Olive Branch Set, consisting of:

4 branches (creating 2 x 2 layers) 165mm x 47mm


1 x triple layered Squash/Pumpkin Set:

121mm x 142mm (overall)


Triple layered Mushroom & Garlic Set:

Mushroom 35mm x 33mm, Garlic 35mm x 39mm


All measurements approximate.

Autumnal Range


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