We have put together some new designs for those Cosmos and Celestial lovers.


You can choose from these four sets (which we will be adding to over time), so keep checking for any new additions to our range;


Tree of Life Set

Pagan Deer Set

Triple Goddess Set

Sun & Moon Set 

Planet System Set

Phases of the Moon Set

Moon Wolf - MDF Moon and Resin Wolf - Set


Approx measurements of the largest piece in each set:

Tree of Life = Tree of Life Triple Moons 186mm x 80mm

Pagan Deer = Deer 120mm x 75mm

Triple Goddess = Pentacle Triple Moons 120mm x 50mm 

Sun and Moon = Sun and Moon 147mm x 147mm

Planet System = Planet System 133mm x 131mm

Phases of the Moon = Triple Cresent Moon 89mm x 79mm




    Celestial Spirit Range


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