Hobbilicious have designed and created a Christmas Robin which can either by put together as a hanging tree ornament, or left as a standing piece for a larger creative project, or to just sit pretty amongest your festive garlands.  

We have not only included the option of the loop or straight edge depending on your decorating choice, but as this is multi layered, you can choose to have this 3 dimensional or not, so the choice is yours.


For extra texture, why not add air drying modelling clay to give your Robin that rounded look? 


2mm MDF

Overall Size (once glued): 65mm x 65mm 

7 pieces 



Choking Hazzard - Small Parts.  Not Suitable for children under 3 year. 

Use with adult supervision only. 


All measurements are approximate


* We also produce our Christmas Robin in 3mm Birchwood for the purists out there who love the design and prefer the Scandinavian style.  This can be bought as a kit like the above, or as a finished product - with the added benefit to personalisation too - Search our Naturals collection....

Christmas Robin 3D


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