With our Fun & Games range, there's plenty of choice to choose from, from stencils and craftboard to embellishments...


2mm MDF Set;


  • 4 x Large Ornate Shape Emblems - Diamond, Heart, Spade and Club
    • Tallest (Diamond) 100 x 140mm - Smallest (Club) 100mm x 97mm
  • 8 x Cards - 44mm x 64mm
  • Half a set (16) Chess Pieces
    • Tallest (King) 33mm x 80mm - Smallest (Pawn)  23mm x 40mm
  • 12 x Small numbered/plain Emblem Shapes
    • Largest (Hearts) 36mm x 38mm


*We also have matching designs in a smaller size in craftboard and in varying styles from our stencil range (minis to background designs)...


All measurments approximate.

'Fun and Games' MDF Sets


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