With our Fun & Games range, there's plenty of choice to choose from, from small stencils and embellishment to the box kit you may like to create on!


350mu Mylar Stencils:

Stencil Mini Set of 5 - Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs, Spades and Card Numbers/Letters 72x100mm

4x Card Emblem Ornate Shapes 100x111mm

A5 Heart Background Stencil

A5 Spade Background Stencil

A5 Diamond Background Stencil

A5 Club Background Stencil



Set 1

Words 'King, Queen, Jack, Ace, Joker' (Example 'K' 31x33mm)

2x Ladders 12mmx75mm

2x Brass Snakes 64x45mm

6x Dice Faces 18x18mm


Set 2

4x Card Emblems Ornate Shapes  (Example 'Diamond' 87x62mm)

4x Combined Layered Shapes (Back Layer) 94x29mm

4x Cards 32x44mm

2x ea. (8 in total) Small Card Shapes 24mm H


Set 3

32x Pieces Chess Set, Dice Faces 

16x ea 3 sizes (48 in total) Checker Squares - 25mm/20mm/15mm

4x ATC 1/4 size Cards  32x45mm


2mm MDF:

Set 4

Large Ornate Card Emblems (Example Diamond 100x140mm)

16x Chess Pieces (Example largest, King 80mm H, Smallest, Pawn 40mm H)

8x 1/2 size ATC Cards 

12x Small Card Emblem Shapes (Example Diamond 35x46mm

***A free set of resins will be included when Set 4 is purchased***



10x Textured Paper 216gsm

5x Textured Bamboo 265gsm

5x Acrylic Linen Canvas 400gsm

5x 2ply 100% Cotton Fibre Blackboard

3x 2mm ATC Cards

1x 2mm Jigsaw Puzzle ATC

3x 3mm ATC Cards

3x 3mm ATC Coins


3mm MDF:

Box Craft Kit - with assembly instructions

Completed external size 245mm L x 150mm W x 165mm H

- Optional Extra - Metal Latch 


    'Fun & Games' Range


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