Our range of Mylar Stencils are designed and cut by us, here in the UK.   We have created a range of sizes and our handy mini's are just one type, because we know that not all mixed media is on large canvases, sometimes smaller is better!


They are easy to clean and can be used with all types of mixed media products. 


250 micron Mylar:

size: 9.8cm x 7.2cm


You are able choose any four from the range available (which will be added to over time) to create your set.  You can even order more than one of the same design in your set!  All you need to do is advise us which four you want by detailing the Letter assigned to the design.  (example, ADEG)


  • A - Ripple Rings
  • B - Rustic Diamonds
  • C - Bubbles
  • D - Perfect Diamonds
  • E - Snail Trail
  • F - All Stars
  • G - Splattered
  • H - Hearts
  • I - Moroccon
  • J - Hexagon

Handy Minis: 98mm x 72mm Mylar Stencils - 250mu


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