We are very pleased to offer our unique Holly Hummingbird - available only at Hobbilicious. 

Hummingbirds are very reminiscent of summers and long lazy days and these will bring you a warm smile. 

As a much loved creature, we wanted to provide a fuller more 3 dimensional effect and therefore have designed and created inhouse 'Holly Hummingbird' with this in mind. 

In order to give you the most versitility, on this ocassion we have provided this with layering on both sides so that you can either add to a piece of artwork, or cover both sides and hang it inside or (if you would like it in the garden, paint with Powertex) hang outside.


MDF Board; 

Base Layer - 222mm x 150mm* 

Second layer x2 -  95mm x 103mm*

Third layer x3 - 70mm x 60mm*

2x Gems for Eyes


*approx measurements


'Holly' Hummingbird


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