With summer holidays a distant memory, a theme to bring a creative smile to your face... With our 'Into The Sunset' you have everything you need to create the perfect sunset seaside theme.  So, what does this kit consist of?




KIT A Option: Smalll 'Row Your Boat' kit

                 Boat elements (x19 pieces) : Assembled size - 60mm x 140mm x 18mm 

                 (+ 2mm Boat elements (x2 pieces): Oars)



KIT B Option: Large 'Row Your Boat' kit 

                 Boat elements (x21 pieces) : Assembled size - 98mm x 189mm x 22mm 

                 (+ 2mm Boat elements (x4 pieces): 2x Oars and 2x Oar Rests)


The remaining kit consists of the following...


Fabrika Decoru Metallic Paints:

1x 30ml Tub - Indigo

1x 30ml Tub - Copper

3mm MDF elements:

1x Large Ships Wheel 240 x 240mm 

1x Ring (Ships Wheel Centre) 72mm dia.

1x Disk (sun or moon!!) 52mm dia.

1x Seagul on Post 114 x 67mm (at widest point)

2mm MDF elements:

15x mini Bunting pieces

1x Set of three Starfish (different sizes) largest 67mm x 67mm

1x Fishing Net 160 x 105mm

2x Reeds 164 x 75mm

1x Coral 96 x 77mm

Mitform Castings elements:

1x Life Bouy 

1x Large Anchor

Additional elements:

5x Resin shells (random selection - may differ to pic)

1x Hessian piece

1x small bag of large Hobballs

1x Glass Bottle (size differs dependant on kit purchase) 

     > Small bottle = Kit A (small Boat).  Larger bottle=Kit B (Larger Boat).


If you are looking to give your project that extra sunset 'glow', we would highly recommend our Pentart waxes... The Honey Gold or Gold in particular really creates a beautiful effect along side the Copper paint.  Interested?, check out our 'Pastes and Paints' section.


All measurements approx.

Into The Sunset Craft Kit


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