Fun resin swirls or flourishes can be added to any mixed media project bringing extra dimension and character to your artworks. 

We have given you the option of choosing a variety of designs and sizes... or if you just can't choose, why not go with the Florish Swirl Bumper Pack which includes all the separate swirls, expect Swirl #2, but instead includes a large and small centre piece.


Swirl #1 - 45mm x 40mm

Swirl #2 - 70mm x 30mm

Swirl #3 - 50mm x 45mm

Swirl #4 -  77mm x 44mm
Bumper Pack (largest) - 90mm x 44mm     (Smallest) - 20mm x 25mm


Please note: These resins are for mixed media purposes only and may have minor imperfections.


All measurement approximate.

Florish Swirls - You Choose!


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