Choose from our two Shabby Chic Window Kits;  Large or Small...


Shabby Chic (Small) Window Kit (£9.95) consists of;

  • 3x 2mm Rustique Planks - Each Plank 140mm x 70mm 
  • 1x Resin Square Ornate Frame - 60mm x 60mm
  • A5 Craftboard Sheet with 6x Small 'Berry Branches'
  • 1x Craftboard Frame Detail
  • 3x 2mm elements creating window frame & shutters
  • 17x 2mm Decorative elements 


Shabby Chic (Large) Window Kit (£14.95) consists of;

  • 3x 3mm Rustique Planks - Each Plank 195mm x 95mm
  • 1x Resin Rectangular Ornate Frame - 110mm x 90mm
  • A5 Craftboard Sheet with 8x 'Blossom' Flowers
  • 3x 3mm elements creating window frame & shutters + 18x 3mm Shutter Slats
  • 2x 3mm Florish Swirls
  • 17x 2mm Decorative elements 

    Shabby Chic Window Kits


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