Love using your stamps and stamping your own sentiments on to projects? why not buy a set of four A5 ready-to-go mounted 1mm greyboards sheets, or, choose your own base and just buy the Self-Adhesive Sheets...


This matt white mounted 1mm thick greyboard is the perfect thickness for stamping and then cutting down to the size you want easily using a simple pair of scissors... and then ready to add to any mixed media project.   


4 x A5 Sheets per set - Mounted on Greyboard


4 x A5 Sheets per set - White Self Adhesive Sheets Only



When purchasing our thin 1mm mounted board, please be aware that care must be taken when storing or cutting the sheets, bending may cause creasing.


**If you prefer a thicker mounting, (2mm or 3mm greyboard), please contact us where we will be more than happy to quote and custom cut non-mounted A5 sheets for you.


Stamp'n'Cut Sheets


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