This set has been created for those steampunk fans out there.  With so many options to create your own pipework design, this is perfect for what ever project, large or small, you have in mind.


Total number of pieces in set = 34.


2mm MDF Board; 


Light Bulb x1 : 21mm x 64mm

Wheel x1 : 34mm Dia.

Key x1 : 18mm x 20mm

Pipe Long x2 : 54mm x 22mm (centre ridge)

Pipe Long x2 : 52mm x 22mm (straight)

Pipe Short x2 : 31mm x 22mm

Corner Pipe x1 : 24mm x 24mm (straight)

Corner Pipe x1 : 26mm x 26mm (ridged)

Tap x1 : 54mm x 37mm

Temperature Wheel x1 : 42mm Dia.

Pipe Junction x1 : 54mm x 54mm

Hexagon Shape x10 : 8mm (Bolts)

Circle Shape x10 : 11mm (washers)


(approx. sizes)


Steampunk Pipe Set


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