Love Steampunk and mechanical parts for your artworks?  Why not store up with our Resource Packs...


Steampunk Resource Pack 1...

...Contains 73 separate elements to choose from.

From link chains, connectors, pipes and blubs to cogs, this has everything you need to get you started.

Largest element: Flat edged Plate Cross 107mm x 107mm

Smallest element: Cross 12mm x 12mm


Steampunk Resource Pack 2...

...Contains 10 separate elements to choose from.

As Pack 1 gives you smaller key items, Pack 2 provides you with different elements on a larger scale! 

Largest element: Cog Ring 200mm x 200mm

Smallest element: Spiked Cog 40mm x 40mm


If you just can't choose between them, why not buy both and save yourself £1.25 to spend on something else! 

Steampunk Resource Packs


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