Our range of Mylar Stencils are designed and cut by us, here in the UK.   


With this little set you get 8 circular disks (Masks) with the corresponding circular Stencils - these are great to mix and match and create any many round shapes exactly where you want them but also a range of different shaped cresent moons!!  Plus, there is also another 5 mini stencils included - Hearts, Numbers, Circles, Stars and Squares.  Perfect for stenciling inbetween small areas where the larger stencils just wont fit!

We have created this mini set with a hole in the corner for a ring (also included) so that they can all be kept together for safe keeping.  


They are easy to clean and can be used with all types of mixed media products. 


350 micron Mylar:

size: 65mm x 65mm


Stencils & Masks Mini's Set


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