Would you like to create your own winter/christmas village scenes, do you have a railway that needs a village,  or want to add that something special to a childs room or even get them to help you decorate this simple village scene, which comes with two trees that can be placed anywhere on the base.  This village can be deccorated in a hundred different ways, with paint or papers.  We hope you enjoy decorating these houses and will share with us what you create.


There are 32 pieces in this kit, but very easy to put together, nothing complicated.


2 x Base 28mm x 10mm, 27mm x 9mm

3 x Houses 13.5mm x 11.5mm, 19.5mm x 12mm, 26.5mm x 12mm

3 x Roof edges 15mm x 12.2mm, 10.5mm x 12mm, 7.5mm x 12mm 

3 x Roof caps 1.7mm x 2.5mm, 2mm x 1.6mm, 1.4mm x 2mm

3 x Chimney caps 2.5mm x .8mm, 2.5mm x .5mm, 2.1mm x .4mm

2 x Trees 16mm x 7.5mm, 9mm x 4.5mm

3 x Dooors 7mm x 4.7mm

3 x Door frames 7mm x 5.7mm

6 x Windows 3.8mm dia.

4 x square pots (for the tree bases - 2 for each tree) 18mm x 10 mm

The bases, houses and tree pot bases are 3mm MDF all the other parts are 2mm MDF



Village Scene


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