Choose your Window Shutter Set (each set comprises of two windows of the same size), either size looks amazing on a mixed media piece as the main focal point or just added interest within it...


Set of 2 Large 3mm Window Shutters Set - including 18 slats per window 

Window Frame - 105mm x 87mm

Each Shutter - 91mm x 40mm 


Set of 2 Small 2mm Window Shutters Set

Window Frame - 75mm x 60mm 

Each Shutter - 57mm x 25mm


If you love the inspiration photos, we have also used our Resin frames from the range avialable.  The large Window is using 'Ornate Resin Frame (Large)' and the small window is using the square frame from'Ornate Resin Frames (2 - Oval/Square), why not take a peep for yourself on our Resin Tab.

If you love the inspiration as a whole, we have them as kits!  Why not take a look under our Craft Kits tab where either size window has been used on our 'Shabby Chic Window Sets' craft kits.

    Window Shutter Set of 2


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